Food culture in the most delicious dishes you can eat at very reasonable prices in Sivas goes without saying. Sivas province of Turkey is rich in livestock, especially meat dishes as well as the cheapness of both quality and naturalness of cleanliness and feel.

Meatballs in Sivas, Sivas harmonizing national sense, well-known and patented product. While Sivas do eat these meatballs. In addition, Sivas Kebab with Vegetables, soups Peskütan and Plateau with the Sivas-specific "Pezik Pickles" Sivas not leave without tasting


(BARD) AŞIK VEYSEL   (1894-1973)   

Veysel, in the fall of 1894, was born in the village of Sarkisla Sivralan district.

Love blind in both eyes, the days of his father, Mustafa Abdal tekke in Ortakoy he began to spend his three-stringed instrumentalists broken.

Umit Yasar Oğuzcan'ın all the poems published in 1973, "Friends Remember me" Veysel 158 poems in the book are available.

For many years, on several occasions in various parts of the country participated in programs organized Veysel, gave the last concert August 15 1971 Hacı Bektaş. Now that weakened day by day Veysel, lung cancer is understood that the examination. Hours a day towards the morning of Nowruz March 21, 1973 at 3:30 died.

Archaeological Museum: Address: Buruciye Madrasa - Sivas
Ethnographic Museum: Address: Army House Opposite - Sivas
Sivas Archaeological Museum: Başören Kuşaklı Höyüğü - Altinyayla - Başören
Ataturk and Congress Museum
Visiting the Museum of Ethnography and the Congress in the square of the city of Sivas Sivas Congress, the process of Atatürk and the Republic can reminisce about the years of its establishment.
Divriği Ulu Mosque
Grand Mosque:
Sheikh Hasan Bey Dome (Stump Minaret):
Sifaiye Madrasah
Twin Minaret Madrasah:
Buruciye Madrasah:
Belted at the ancient city of Sarissa near the town of Altinyayla.

Sector as a gift shop in Sivas is alive. Sivas, hand craft, silverware and handicrafts for the most important products you can find many beautiful examples in the city center. Silver, bone combs, bar, castles, Knives and hand-woven carpets & kilims, Sivas cultural products.