About Us

When you step into the door of Eretna SPA & Hotel is a 18-19th century atmosphere awaits you, filled with antiques.

Our Eretna Hotel is top class hotel with young, dynamic, modern and classic features in upper class and also having the lines bearing the features of Selcuk architecture style and to decorate with antique and artistic works without compromising the quality for the value of guests.
In our Hotel our guests can see the masterpiece of famous artists while accomodating in our Hotel, while having beverages and using the facilities of the Hotel that our guests will experience the pleasure with feeling artistic or historical value.

Eretna Dynasty succeeded Mongol II- Khanid rulers in central Anatolia and ruled there from 1343 to 1380.
The dynasty’s founder, Eretna (believed to be derived from Ratna jevel in sanskrit), was an officer of Uighur (Uyghur) origin in the service of Demirtaş The II-Khanid governor of Anatolia under the suzerainty of Hasan the Elder ruler of Azerbaijan. After Hasan the Elder was defeated by Hasan the Younger, son of Demirtaş. Eretna in 1337 received the protection of the Memlük sultan of Egypt. In 1343 however, Eretna defeated Hasan the Younger and emerged as an independent ruler over territories that included Niğde, Ankara, Amasya, Tokat, Samsun and Erzincan; he made Sivas and later Kayseri his capital. Eretna was a scholorly man and a just ruler. Whose people called him Köse Peygamber. (Prophet with the Seanty Beard)

Our guests will feel our values when they drink a cup of a traditional turkish tea, and when they step on silk carpet
from Hereke in the lobby. Our guests can see some paints from the world-renowned (worldwide known) artists that are reaching nearly 300 years old from 1700 to 2012 at the art gallery that is collected by the Chairman of the Board of Eretna Hotel and the collector, Mr. Rasit Akyol. Our guests who want to visit and can see all of these artworks by our hotel guidance in our art gallery which located at company head office